Eskadale Vineyards

Eskadale Vineyards is a boutique winery growing and producing its awarded wines in Langhorne Creek. It is unashamedly parochial. Both labels, Oddfellow and The Winners Tank leverage this community sensibility and knowledge. Detour developed these characterful labels with founder and winemaker David Knight to reflect their regional character and fruit driven wines. 

The Winners Tank - As the long standing tradition dictates - the triumphant team in the local Aussie Rules football competition at Langhorne Creek gathers in Eskadale Vineyards to celebrate their victory - and paint the winner’s tank! The label reflects the many interpretations and respective winning team’s artistic talent.

Oddfellows - initially created with a collective of like minded locals and grapegrowers, the circular fingerprint logo was representative of these founders coming together to work in unity to produce wines that showcase the talents of all involved. In 2007 Eskadale Vineyards has taken Oddfellows exclusively into its fold and continues pursuing the uniqually individual character of Langhorne Creek region wine.

Brand Identity design