Tattoo Me Cooler

Tattoo Me Cooler is a distilled hard seltzer that celebrates individuality and embraces distinctive body art. Tattoo Me Cooler is street cool, hip, and full of possibilities. Inspired by old-school tattoos, it captures a bold and unshrinking attitude and perfectly conveys the essence of the brand.

Aimed at a younger demographic, we developed a memorable brandmark and eye-catching packaging reminiscent of the classic old school tattoo style. Clean black outlines, vivid colours, and minimal shading was used to create bold and distinctive visual appeal. The colour is simple, gritty and urban. The black acknowledges the traditional tattooing ink used for its longevity, anti-fade properties and high legibility. The vivid accent colours help promote the specific product varieties across all manner of communications platforms.

Two tattoo artist's were engaged to create bespoke artwork for the product offerings. Simone-Clare Hede from the House of Daggers Collective in South Australia, created the illustration for the Pear & Lychee, whilst Spanish artist, Oscar Hove, created the koi fish in his Japanese inspired style for the Mandarin & Yuzu. To ensure the artwork was print ready for a range of applications, careful and considered re-drawing was made without compromising the edginess of the original versions.

Sharing stories and the spirit of collaboration is central to the Tattoo Me Cooler brand experience. This philosophy has been incorporated into all label copy and social media communications to help build deeper connections with target makets. This aspect, combined with striking packaging, helps sets Tattoo Me Cooler apart from competitors, builds community and helps maintain a cohesive and authentic brand image.

Brand Identity Design