Life Care Active

Life Care Active is a service product of Life Care, established to promote and encourage active ageing. It is the only allied health & fitness centre for men and women 55+ in Adelaide. Life Care Active provides a range of specialist allied health services and individual and group fitness programs. This unique combination of onsite health service practitioners and fitness professionals, ensures that treatment complements each of their clients’ fitness program to enhance flexibility, strength and overall good health to be ‘active’ every day.

The Life Care Active logo takes it’s visual cues from the Life Care brand - elements have been duplicated and refined to create an active figure who is upwardly stretching and moving to capture the ‘active every day’ aspect. The colour and typography is seamlessly connected to Life Care and this has ensured all applications - from signage, advertising and stationery - are easily identified and help to build the integrity of the brand.

Brand Identity design