Down South Distillery

Down South Distillery is the passion & inspiration of Natalie and Hank Cass, keenly supported by the whole family. The name is a nod to the location of their home in beautiful Willunga from which they can see a view of the South coast. Enthusiastic observers of Australian uniqueness, Down South Distillery were determiend to share their passion for everything 'Down South'. 
With a proliferation of gins in the marketplace and particularly the Fleurieu Peninsula, they have cleverly differentiated their product from competitors, both visually and narratively with a tongue in cheek approach that captures the essence of being “Australian as...”  This distinctive approach not only distinguishes their brand but also engages consumers with a lighthearted celebration of the Australian vernacular.

Our investigation concentrated on finding and developing the visual and thematic elements for their first three products, each with a distinct sentiment tied to Australian culture: "Australian as... a boardroom meeting," "Australian as... a watering hole," and "Australian as... Bush Chook." Striking colours have been chosen inspired by the sea, sky, beach and flora, which further enhance the connection to their beloved South Australian surroundings. This visual presentation and engaging narrative sets Down South Distillery on a path to delivering an authentic Australian spirits experience.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design