City of Tea Tree Gully

Detour designed the corporate identity for the City of Tea Tree Gully in 1995 and it is still going strong today! We were engaged to create a visual expression of what Tea Tree Gully was in its most simple form. The logo captures the natural and man-made elements of Tea Tree Gully - the flow of curves representing nature and balance in life and humanity, whilst the linear elements reflect the roads and creeks. These elements in combination with a colour palette that is descriptive of the environment is dynamic, fresh and engaging.

A complete style manual was created that outlined the design program. This shows the City of Tea Tree Gully’s identity applied to all areas of visual communication, including stationery, signage livery etc. The purpose of the style manual is to provide the guidelines for the internal and external use of the City of Tea Tree Gully’s corporate identity and maintain all disciplines of style essential to the building the integrity of the brand which it continues to do so.

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