Campbelltown Discount Chemist

What was formerly a United Discount Chemist, our client wanted to signal the change that it was becoming an independent chemist. We were given the task of creating a dynamic and engaging new brand for Campbelltown Discount Chemist that would attract a new and younger clientele to capitalise on the changing demographic in the area. It was essential also to consider existing clients and continue to provide them with the same service and care.

With a proliferation of discount chemists in the area, our client wanted to create a very different customer experience - from a welcoming yet professional and ordered interior space that still represented value for money. We developed a simple and memorable brand that communicated Campbelltown Discount Chemist’s client centric focus on providing real value and real care to the community. The colour orange was a unique choice for this sector and represents vitality and well-being. The cross provided the impetus to create a series of icons that described the products and service areas available. These were applied to exterior and interior signage to maximise visual impact.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity design