Boutique Bread

Boutique Bread specialises in contemporary artisan breads. They pride themselves on the supply of consistent, high quality products to their customers. They continually challenge themselves to innovate and create new market demand without compromising standards and philosophy. 

We were engaged to develop packaging for their range of piadinas, wraps and pizza bases. These products are leading a new generation of flat-grilling, contain minimal yeast, no colours, flavours or preservatives - making them ideal for the health conscious and perfect for the entertainer. 

It was essential that the packaging stand out in a competitive market, have dynamic shelf presence and convey Boutique Bread's positioning statement 'Grilled with Passion'. The use of a transparent window was a key element to the design, allowing customers to see each product and enhance the freshness perception and appeal. A bold colour palette was used to give a premium look and feel, relevant to the price point.